25 August 2014

supa' dupa' fly

traveling, friends, and DIYing…these are a few of my favorite things.  so what happens when one of my most favorite friends decides to write & self-publish a book that is full of super cool and very do-able DIY travel-oriented accessories?  Fly DIY happens, that's what.  

photo credit: Carolina Mariana

Jourdan Fairchild is one seriously crafty lady.  the former editor of some big-name publications (liiiiiike  Daily Candy, Country Living, and many more), Jourdan recently had the opportunity to travel to Malawi with an organization called Watering Malawi, which brings water, water-based resources, and education to impoverished areas.  

 photo credit: Jourdan Fairchild Instagram / @jcfairchild22

while Jourdan was packing and purchasing items needed for her upcoming adventure, she noticed a trend in the world of travel accessories: they were either inexpensive and ugly OR they were stylish and spendy.  since we all want to look good while we jet-set, Jourdan set out to create some fancy travel must-haves, all under $5 to make (some of them are less than $1!).

the result is a book that's chock-full of easy DIYs, gorgeously-photographed by Carolina Mariana.  you can purchase the book via Jourdan's website and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Watering Malawi.

photo credit: Carolina Mariana

she tapped Chicago lady business-owners to moonlight as models for each craft.  since I'm always up for an adventure, I was asked to show off this crazy-rad geometric passport cover, which was made out of a drawer liner.  YES A DRAWER LINER.  like I said, Jourdan is a DIY genius.

photo credit: Carolina Mariana

that passport cover will come in handy this October, since I just booked tickets to be in Europe for a month!  PINCH ME.  we're going to Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, and Paris.  I'd love to try to pick up a project while I'm out there, or at least connect with some other creatives…if you live there, let's chat!  also,  if you have the hot tips on any thrift shops or flea markets in those cities, PLEASE SHARE.

 photo credit: Jourdan Fairchild Instagram / @jcfairchild22

I feel super lucky to have played a teeny tiny role in the birth of FlyDIY.  the best friends are people who are inspiring and encouraging, and Jourdan is such a great example of someone who decides to do something and then she makes it happen.  

so whether you're leaving on a jet plane OR you just want to try some rad DIY projects that are 100% original (seriously, none of these things were on Pinterest before Jourdan DIY'ed 'em!) OR you just want to feel awesome about supporting a creative entrepreneur and a worthwhile charity…pick up a copy of Fly DIY and get crafty. 

10 August 2014

desktop clean-off

just getting prepared for Monday, which means doing little painting projects in the studio, preparing our bi-monthly invoices, and cleaning out my inboxes and desktop while I drink rose and eat cheddar squares.  pretty standard over here.  

here are a bunch of photos I screen-grabbed from Lonny, Matchbook, and probably some other online magazines.  I love love love the art in this first photo.  I don't don't don't love how tiny that table is.  

omg omg omg omg those floating shelves and those pendants and that natural light and that marble table.  yes, please and thank you very much.

cool idea to store away and have a carpenter build.  lemme tell ya, I am OVER IT when it comes to "playful chalkboard walls", but this seems way cooler and a little less uh…HGTV.  

lemme swap out that orange chair (I know it's a thing, I just don't like it) for something a little sexier and I'd happily call this my living room.  That white Arco?  yep.  weird, carved, primitive tools in the corner?  yep.  moroccan rug?  yep.  pair of Barcelona lounge chairs?  yep.  very weird/rad 80's vibe?  let's do this thang.  

the end. 

04 August 2014


this is the pantry of my dreams.

that is all.

28 July 2014

Iowa I-Do's

I'm so so so so SO lucky and excited to be working with Chase and Drew on their wedding, which is happening next May in Iowa.  I don't want to spill any of the specifics, but I can't keep these design boards to myself any longer!!  here's what I put together to inspire their day...

it's going to be very magical, a little mysterious, decidedly masculine, and totally dreamy.  yep, this is what we do, y'all.  and if you're getting married and want SS&H to make your wedding vision come to life, just say the word!

07 July 2014

tile trends

The images below are pictures of pretty bathrooms that I found on Pinterest. The words below that are a sponsored post and were not written by me. Thanks for not minding that I do a verrrrrry rare sponsored post every now and again. I promise that I'll buy you a drink if we ever run into each other.

What’s new in Bathroom Tile Trends for 2014?
Bathrooms have grown in importance as a room over the years.  People now place a lot of emphasis on making their bathroom a stylish and welcoming place.  A big part of that style is the tiling used.  
If people are visiting your home, and use the bathroom, you are going to want them to get a positive impression.  In addition, if you are soaking in the tub, you want to do so in a pleasant environment.  The latest in tile trends for 2014 can make both of these things happen.
The Wood and the White
A clean and classic look, pristine white tiles against a background of wooden accents is very popular for 2014.  This doesn’t mean that you actually have to employ wood as a material itself.  Ceramic and porcelain tiles with a textured feel and a look of wood have been on the market for a while now, but are just making their rise to prominence – check out ABL to see them yourself.
A Metallic Feel
Quirky and contemporary, metal tiles are on trend in 2014.  They present a crisp and clean look that is perfect as a backsplash, feature, or covering for an entire wall.  For a really contemporary feel stainless steel is cool and sleek, whereas copper is a little steampunk in its aura; past blending with future.  When you think of metal don’t just think about shiny, there are plenty of more muted matte styles available.
Going Underground
Many of us will have travelled on the subway at some point in our lives.  Few of us would probably quote visiting a subway restroom as an unforgettable experience, but the instantly recognizable rectangular white tiles that decorate subway walls have become a much sought after bathroom decoration.  They present no problems with matching patterns, and give a sense of space to a smaller room.  
Mosaic and Mixing It
Big and bold floor mosaics are hot right now; whether swirling or geometric they are a great way of putting your own stamp on a bathroom. Mixing mosaics is equally popular; although you don’t necessarily have to match the designs from  floor to wall it’s best to choose styles that complement each other, and remember that too busy can be hard on the eyes and can make a small room look even smaller.  
Same Color, Different Shape
If you don’t want to mix your colors, or even patterns, in a room, you also have the option to vary the size of tile you use.  Choose a block color that complements the bathroom hardware and accessories. When you pick out your tiles in the color be creative and opt for differing varieties.  If you have large square tiles for the floor, then go for small slim rectangular files for the walls.  If your color choice is dark you may want offset it with some lighter colored paintwork.  
Any of these tiling styles would be great addition if you want to update your bathroom with a 2014 look.  

24 June 2014

desktop clean off

oh hi.  it's the end of June, which means I'm wrapping up all the weddings until August and my brain is about to explode with all of the awesomeness I've witnessed in the last 6 weeks.  seriously, you guys, I have the best brides and the best clients EVER.  

also, Veronica and I have been working like crazy on getting the studio in shape so that we can have a fancy photoshoot and then show it off to all of you so that you'll want to come hang out with us and drink champagne.  IT IS GETTING SO GOOD IN HERE.  but there is still SO much to do, as you can guess.  I'm crossing my fingers for an August reveal.  

aaaaaaand I also have a bunch of fun events and projects in the works, like 2 residences in Evanston (a very pretty suburb just outside of Chicago), a total bathroom gut-remodel that is gonna be VERY dramatic when we can see the before/afters, a very rad and exclusive wine-tasting event on a secret rooftop in Logan Square, a shoot for one of the top interior magazines, and I'm also doing a super cool big installation for the Pitchfork Music Festival.  top that with working on weddings for next year already and as you can imagine, I totally have tons of time to relax and get my nails done.  duh.

so, while I run around TCB'ing, I thought I'd show you some pretty pictures that were crowding up my already very crowded desktop. 

 oh hi, room I would like to live in., I love everything about you.  I am not even a red-person or much of brown-town person, but this is brown town with pops of red in the best way possible.

this was sent as inspiration for the bathroom gut-remodel.  obviously when I saw it, I was like LET'S DO ALL OF THESE THINGS.  so we are.  but different and more suitable for an adorable couple who is about to have an adorable baby.  

more bathroom inspiration.  I actually bought these sconces to use in the studio...can't wait to show you where and how!

this is how I imagine my life would be if I were older and lived in a chateau in the countryside, just outside of Paris.  I'm gonna work on making that happen.

just super pretty.  that's all.  the art, the table, the subtle wallpaper.  the floor is maybe a little out of place in the photo, but I'd work with it. 

the end, back to business!

22 May 2014

studio inspiration

in my last post I revealed that I get a liiiiiiiiittle anxious when it comes to sharing a space.  however, I had absolutely no second thoughts when Veronica asked if I was interested in sharing a studio with her.  she and I have basically the exact same level of taste, except she leans more towards the fancy side of life and I lean more toward the hobo side.

we are both so eager to be at the other end of the Great Studio Makeover, but since it's wedding season, we're also bananas-busy with making sure our clients have the best day of their entire lives.  you know, no biggie.

so until I have a lil' more time to start shopping, ordering, sourcing, moving, unpacking, arranging, and decorating...I'll just be over here looking at these gorgeous inspiration photos Veronica sent me.  she was all "...this is kinda what I'm picturing when I think about a white space..."

and I was all, "DONE AND DONE."

are you drooling?  because I am.  I'm also putting some design boards together, so stay tuned for a little peek into what I'm plotting for the new studio!