14 April 2014

totally aced it

remember when I did one of the best weddings ever at the Ace in Palm Springs?  I do, because I wish I were there right now, instead of in Chicago, where it's currently threatening to snow.  the photographer,  Ryan Flynn (who I cannot wait to work with again) just posted a ton of photos and I thought I'd share 'em here as well...maybe after we look at all of the sun-soaked smiles and desert joy, we'll feel like we've been whisked away to Coachella.  right?

thanks again to Justina for recommending me to John & Samantha-- they are easily one of the sweetest, most genuine couples I've ever worked with (and also major party animals) and I was so honored to be a part of their amazing wedding weekend!  

24 March 2014

mixing it up

I have some crazy talented friends, but y'all already knew that.  pretty sure I've already bragged on one of my nearest and dearest, Martha Mulholland, but her latest project is so stupid-pretty that this post is just one big love-fest for my favorite tiny designer.  

all of these photos (which I snagged from Remodelista's post today) were taken by the one and only Laure Joliet, who knows how to manipulate natural light in the most magical way possible.  she's a genius and if I could, I'd have her document my entire life, so that in 100 years, people could look through books of photos and wonder how it was that I was constantly bathed in a flood of sunlight like some cosmic queen.  

back to the house-- it's the perfect balance of minimal and pulled-together.  it's warm, inviting, and has a touch of quirk, just like Martha and just like her clients (who are also friends of mine).  MM really knows how to mix eras-- she brings in antiques, vintage, and modern without calling attention to any specific time...wandering through homes she decorates is like finding yourself in the most amazing shop or museum, where you want to take everything home with you.  she makes fancy pieces feel relatable and low-brow treasures feel unexpectedly posh...it's truly a gift.  

and now for the good stuff...

what an inspirational way to start the week, right?  bravo, Martha and Laure!