18 February 2011


she nails it even with the most simple outfit.

I'd pulled this photo to the desktop to say something about how, now that my hair is long, I wanted to maybe experiment with parting it in the middle. but then I went and cut it all off on Tuesday and look like I'm 6 again. in a good way. but, yay, another thing off my list!

bt-dubs, if you live in Chicago and have curly hair, go see Vanessa at Art + Science in Wicker Park. she's totally adorable and gets curly girlies. and if you live in LA and have hair (like, any kind of hair), go see Alissa @ Neil George. she's a genius sent to us from hair-heaven and will change your life.

anyway...this photo does remind me that I'm still looking for a giant gold watch...

1 comment:

Alissa said...

awe, thanks for the shout out! xo dude, post a photo of your new 'do!!!